PATRIOTIC's a page for you True Red, White, and Blue folks out there!
Check out the detail in the flags I do. There's even stitching! I really hate
it when I see other artists doing a flag, and it looks like a Barber Pole.
Add some detail and ripples man! Make it look likes it's flowing in the wind!

This is the hood piece on a Sandcar. See the detail? Looks like a photo!

This American Flag was presented to me by members of the Kingsmen, 101st AVN REGT,
101st Airborne, serving in Afghanistan. I never posted these photos but I did up a bunch of "masks"
for the Crews' Helmets on Blackhawk Helicopters. Seems like it was the only thing regulations
would allow for "customization." In appreciation, the crew chief and door gunner presented
me with this flag, which was actually flown on a mission, which was reported
on by all the major news networks, but I am not at liberty to tell which one!
As a veteran of the Air Force, I was honored and happy to give these fine young men,
something custom which had meaning for each of them.

Here's a Banshee Body. Customer wanted it to look like the paint was ripping off into the flag.

Here we have a Corvette hood. The owner wanted the flag to be seen when he
popped the hood open at car shows. I also did the lettering. Paint, NOT vinyl!
Unfortunately, I had to re-paint this. When hanging, the American Flag must
have the Field of Stars displayed on the LEFT side as you look at it! So, I re-did
this one for free! I just never got a shot of the correction.

Here we have a Blue Toned Flag with Natural Gas type fire, and an eagle. This Job
was done thru Chad at CR Designs, who did the base and clear. This Set is not cleared
as of these pics. Nice Looking Paint all in blues! Very different.

Nothing like a nice base color of white to start out with! I can do up a tailgate like
this with clear for $475, as long as the tailgate is in good shape and NO body work
or paint repair has to be done. Factory paint is fine. Just prep it, airbrush artwork
over it, and re-clear, cut and buff. Easy Peasy. If the tailgate is not white, it's a little
more money, because I would then have to add the white, which is an extra step for me.

Here's an example of a colored tailgate. I added sky and clouds to this to make it pop.

This is a utility truck I did back in NY. All hand-painted and airbrushed with One-Shot
lettering enamels. No clear-coat necessary! Should last the life of the truck as long as
you take care of it which means "Wash and wax occasionally!" In NY...Road Salt Kills Paint!
I did the lettering on the doors, a graphic flag on the hood, painted the back with cartoons,
and did it all for less than $1400!

This customer just wanted to add something to his stock fairing. No problem! Scuff and Prep,
add airbrushed artwork, Re-clear and it's all done for around $450.