If you have any off-road toys, I can do them up for you really nice. From quads to
full-blown sandcars, to 4x4's. I can paint up any theme or scene you would like!

Here's a Banshee Body with a THOR theme. All the main Characters, with Lightning effects tying it all together!

This sandcar was WAY over the top! Tatum Sandcars really went all-out on this. The owner wanted
a Star Wars "Darkside" theme. All Darth Vader! Click on the pic to see more. Chad at CRDesigns
did all the body work, prep, base and clear. Awesome, awesome job. Click on the Photo above to see more of this ride!

This sandcar was done up of Miller Lite bottles and logos! All on ice!
Another Tatum Sandcar done up with Chad at CR Designs.

The JACKPOT Sandcar. Click on the pic to link to it's page!

This Sandcar is over the top with Grim Reapers, Toxic Fire, and tons of evil! Hidden in
the flames, the owner requested I "hide" the first initials of his kids! The first thing the
kids did when I delivered this set was to pour over the artwork, searching for thier Initials!
This is all original artwork designed by me with the owners inputs and approval.
All the panels were powder coated. Then, we scuff and prep them, add artwork
and finally clear-coat it all, cut and buff and deliver.
A sandcar like this can be done for $5000. I dare you to Compare to anyone out there!
The Hood is also done, as well as the inside center console, dash, and wing vents.
There is a TON of artwork on this baby. NO ONE can match the amount of art for the price!

Jose Vidro, 3 time All-Star had his personal Sandcar built at Tatum. Chad at CRDesigns
gave me a call for the artwork. Jose wanted Skeleton Ball Players, real fire, and lettering.
I did up some sketches, got the approval, and the results are before you. Not bad, eh?

Here's a sandcar I painted for CR Designs in Peoria, AZ. This is a Tatum Sandcar with Carbon Fiber
panels. They wanted the carbon fiber to show thru, and then had this artwork they wanted along with
the name "OUTLAW" in Fire as well. Barbed wire trims the black basecoat with the Carbon Fiber areas,
and makes a nice effect. All basecoat, clear, final cut and buff was done by the crew at CR Designs.

Monster Energy Drink logo, Toxic Fire, and Skulls!
You should see THIS tooling around the neighborhood!

Here we have a really nicely done up RZR withan Ed Hardy Theme. We added a few
of our own touches to make it unique and special. This customer had a friend do the Base
Black and Clear along with the final cut and buff. I did all the artwork. There is alot of
detail in this job, and all the artwork was done for $1500.

How about Lost Planet Gear? Another fine example of a Rhino done up nice.

Here's a change of pace. Black base with torn metal edges, revealing Diamond Plate underneath.

If you're WWII buff, here's your chance to be that fighter pilot you've always dreamed
you could be! This is on a silver base, with a pinup girl, riding a bomb. But really, you
can have any theme you want. Just get some reference photos together, and I'll do the rest!
I've done up a few similar RZRs and Rhinos with Green Base Color, Skull Pilots instead
of pinups. It's all in what you want!

This is a set of Rhino Skins, all cleared and ready to go. We can paint your
set of skins, OR, we can order new skins and ship them to you. We'll even
give you something in trade for your old skins IF they are still in good shape!


Here's a radical Banshee. PYSCHO BARBIE! We got a nice girl with her ride all
dolled up with Pink and evil, miserable psychotic Barbies! We even got one side
with Trailer-Trash Barbie!

This is called Negative Fire. In that, traditional "hot rod" flames are laid out,
and real fire is then airbrushed over those flames. Pinstripe in the color of your
choice and you have one smokin' hot ride. Brian at Mazz Enterprises did the
layout of flames, along with base coat and clear.