Your favorite ride NEEDS to have paint! You could have the most awesome engine
and drivetrain on the planet, but the paint job is the FIRST thing they
are gonna see. Go to any car show and who's got the crowd? The guy with the best paint job,
the best graphics or the best paint theme. I can do up anything for you for the right price!

Here a Corvette Owner, (a very patriotic guy!) wanted his new corvette painted with a rippling US Flag!
Coulter Cadillac's Collision Center did the prep and clear, and contacted me to do the artwork.
Customer was VERY happy!

The Owner of this 2015 Dodge Charger approached me about repainting his Car.
He had it done by another Airbrush Artist and after just a brief time, the paint and
clear FAILED all over. He paid the guy an unreal amount of money too! Not like it was a cheap job.
So the car had to be stripped down and reshot the original color, and artwork applied again!
Russell and crew at RS Auto Arts handled all the prep, base and clear, I did all artwork.
I can't emphasize enough to people, RESEARCH who you contract to have work done by!
The old artwork was really HORRIBLE too! He's MUCH happier now!

Here we have a BRAND NEW Ford F250. Customer had it Lifted! NEW wheels/tires! Powdercoated it all underneath! EVERY option
available for an F250 you could get, AND he had ME paint it up with understated SMOKE, Grim Reapers and Chains! How cool is THIS guy!?
William At Redbird Automotive did all the prep work, bagging the undercarriage, the bed, taking out handles, lights,
sanding it all down, applying a Hi-Solids UV Clear, color-sand and buff! Customer was Thrilled!
There are 50 miles on this "Daily Driver!" Gotta trick it out before it goes on down the road, RIGHT!?

A 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab done up as a MONSTER TRUCK! Well, it's covered with monsters anyways!
Hot Rod Flames in the base color with Toxic Green Fire over it all!

This job was done thru a local Custom Painter. A Truck with a Civil War/Iron Maiden theme!

This '99 Dodge Avenger needed a complete paint job. The Red was all faded, but the car only had
51K miles on it, so a paint job would add YEARS to the life of the car. William at Redbird Collision did
all the paint and prep, and before clear coat, I came in and lettered it up and added IRONMAN to it!
Artwork like this can be done for $1500.

Bob contacted me about having his wifes' 1999 Mitsubishi GT 3000 painted up.
She's owned it since new, and it only has 22,000 miles on it, and is in
showroom condition! Seems she is fighting an illness, and it's her
"bucket list" wish, to have her car painted up with her love of Arizona and Horses.
So William at Redbird Collision prepped it all out, and I applied artwork, and William
then did up 3 coats of clear and buffed it all out to a deep shine. Bob and Marva are
thrilled with our efforts, and I'm thankful to have served spirit in such a beautiful way.
My thoughts and prayers go out to Marva and Bob, who are such a great couple.

Here's a couple of Dodge Chargers done up with Real Fire, and "Smoke".
Ram Head Skull on one, Grim Reaper on the other. Check out the art on these babies!


This Hemi Charger Owner has TONS of upgrades in his awesome ride. He wanted
a "SMOKE" real fire job, along with a Grim Reaper, and Skulls on the sides.
This too, is one bad-ass ride, and turns heads in every parking lot!

This Tahoe had Real Fire by another Airbrush Artist. PAINT FAILED! Plus it looked like Crap!
Sorry, it DID! So the Owner had me come in after the base color was fixed, and had me tape off
"hot rod" flames, and then airbrush True Fire "Natural Gas" flames over that. The Hot Rod Flames
were pinstriped in House of Kolor Lavender, and the whole thing cleared again. This was
all done at a body shop in their paint booth and turned out really Sweet!

'69 Sinister Chevy. Russ Ellis - owner. World of Wheels Show Cardinals Stadium 2008.
Here's another truck from Russ Ellis. A really nice 1969 Chevy Truck with all kinds
of upgrades. Body work and Paint by William at Voodoo Fabrication. Flame layout and
airbrushed artwork by myself, and pinstriping by Craig Henkel. Another Show Winner for Russ!
Unfortunately, I think most of the crowd were watching the lovely ladies, and not the truck!

This GMC Truck was base-painted in a PPG Flip-Flop color. The base color changes from gold to blue to purple!
EXPENSIVE paint! But it sure turns heads. The flames were laid out and Skulls were
added to take up the shape of the flames, letting the flip-flop shine thru! Awesome ride!

Here's a 1936 Ford Pick Up. Based in Yellow, the customer wanted to add "just a little" custom
flames. On Yellow? SURE! Not a problem, especially because he wanted them "subtle". Not
to loud but definately there, and now it's really a head-turner. Paint/Clear by William at Voodoo
Fabrication, this job was co-ordinated by Russ Ellis with Cruizin' the Valley Customs. Once again,
we prove that we can be your "One-Stop Shop for finishing your street project."

This is a 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 with "negative" flames. That is, using the black base color
of the truck, traditional 'hot rod' flames are laid out. Then, the real fire is applied over these
creating Black Flames. These are then pinstriped and you have two styles of flames on one truck!

Here's an -04 Dodge Ram. Factory Blue Paint. Russell and Crew at H-13 prepped the truck,
got it ready for paint, and then I laid Natural Gas Flames and skulls all over it. These flames
really dance and the skulls really add character to this nice 4x4.


I love reading Lord of the Rings growing up. When the movie came out, I was pleasantly
suprised at the imagery. Pretty much matched what I had in my head already. This scene
is out of my head. Gandolf facing the Balrog. Classic scene and I loved doing this!

Another fantasy based scene out of my head. Actually, I found a picture of Pam Anderson
I really liked, and modified it. Then I added fire and demons and here you go! Nice!

This is a tonneau cover for a chevy pickup. A tribute to her son who died at the age of 3.
I can do tributes like this on hoods, covers, and trunk lids. I can even do portraits IF I
am given a really GOOD photograph to work off of. NOT snapshots. Has to be big!

Here's the Fire Up Freedom Firetruck. The WHOLE surface is painted! Click on the picture
to go to a page describing the whole scene and how it came about, and what the owner and
his wife are doing with this awesome ride!