I have done the artwork on countless bikes, here in Arizona and now here in Missouri. I have done artwork and graphics for
Many Shops and private owners as well. If you need your bike done from start to finish, like the 2006 World Series Cardinals Bike
below, or if you need someone to just do the artwork for you over your Base Coat, and you want to clear it yourself,
any of those options are certainly achievable working with me. I can give you pricing like Sears! Good, better and BEST!

Now that I'm in Missouri, I still do bikes for customers all over the U.S.
I have shipped bikes to NY, Oregon, Back to Arizona. I have customers ALL over the World!

This Bike is a Yamaha Midnight Star. Started out black. Now, it's Brandywine Kandy base,
with SAMURAI artwork! This has Voodoo Purple Marbleized Graphics, Variegated Gold Leaf.
Pinstripes. Even the Helmet matches! So you see, I can do Metric bikes as well!

This bike was WAY over the top! Very Expensive, but there is a story to it!
You see, when we moved to Missouri, I built my own house. With help from a couple friends
with Framing, I took it from there! When it was time for Heating and A/C I managed to
find a local, Danny Massey, who owns M&D Mechanical, LLC. in the Lake of the Ozarks area.
HE Needed a paint job on his '99 Electraglide! Wanted all celtic, IRISH theme. So, he figured
he's never going to get an over-the-top paint job, and I figured, it's a way to showcase what
I can do when money is no object and get my name out locally.
So this head turner is what I came up with. He was blown away with results,
as are all his friends and anyone looking at it!

Mike had a nice Bobber built and wanted Gold Leafing, Pinstripes and a Pearl Green base.
Greg at Route 66 Autobody in Lebanon did all prep work, and I did Variegated Gold Leaf
and Pinstriping to compliment this cool bike! All pics are before the clear went on.
I'll try and get a pic of the bike all together!

Gary had his bike painted by another artist and was NOT happy
with the results. He waited years to find the right guy...ME!
He was THRILLED with what I was able to do. It's EXACTLY what he
was wanting and paid tribute to his brother who passed.
Body work, base color and clear was done by Darren at AA Auto Body, in Mexico, MO.
I simply did all the airbrush artwork. So if you just want artwork, hit me up!

Michael Ngo has a shop in Springfield selling Bike Accessories and parts. He has a few bikes too!
This bike he wanted painted up like a Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel. Mission Accomplished!
This is the second bike We've painted up for him. Looking forward to more!

I had a request to paint a tribute bike for Andrew "In Memory Of" his late wife.
They built cars together, and they were doing up his first bike when she passed.
With her colors, and artwork she liked, I tried to make this a
great memory for him and their Boys.

This is a bike I painted 18 years ago! All that riding over the years, road chips,
dings, just time really, called for a repaint! So I fixed it all, upgraded the
artwork, (I HAVE gotten better over the years! What can I say?) and shipped it back to the
customer who was THRILLED with the re-paint! I can fix YOUR bike too!

This Customer had a plain, Black Road Glide with NO pinstripes or anything!
So he picked out a design, and added his tribute to time spent in the Service.
Army Airborne with RECON artwork on Front Fender, along with Rear Fender.
Then on the top of the Tour Pak, artwork from "Band of Brothers". Totally new ride!

This is a Fairing for a Sport Bike. Customer is a fan of mine...wanted
SOMETHING on his bike that I could do! So He requested a "Screaming DEMON"!

A Plain Black Street Glide, all customized by Don Clardy in Scottsdale with a Medieval Theme!
Frazetta type Fantasy artwork, with a couple specific requests
which included Latin Phrases throughout the bike's Artwork.
Together with the custom parts, and a very cool theme, customer was thrilled!

Here we have a '99 Dyna and the Customer wanted Wolves,
as He used to Raise them! These parts are not cleared as of yet! So there's no shine!
Wolves are tough to pull off and have look this good!
Total price on this job, with Base, artwork, clear and buff: $2500

This customer had a 2014 Road Glide. Nice Factory Paint. But, he wanted to personalize
his ride with an Eagle on the Fairing. No Problem! He brought me the fairing, I scuffed and
prepped it out, airbrushed the artwork, re-cleared it, buffed it out and here you go!
No need to re-do the entire bike. You can add artwork to existing paint with No Worries!
You can have just the fairing done, the tank only, maybe just the bag lids
or back end...whatever you can afford or whatever your budget is!
This fairing was done, artwork, clear and buff, for $850!

A Local Builder approached me, hoping I could "help him out!" Seems he had his own personal ride done up
by a local "airbrusher". He wanted a checkered flag "rippling" like in the wind, with a torn metal look around it.
EPIC FAIL! Ray Charles could see how bad this was done! Not even close to what he wanted! Look at the very last photo
here to see what he got! I told him, "there is NO Saving this! Start over! So I re-did the checkered flag to look like a FLAG,
NOT a tile floor! Added graphics, Pinstriping and REAL FIRE. Some flip-flop pearl over the white, clear and buff.
He was SO Happy with the results!

This customer got a smoking deal on a used Black Street Glide, so he decided to get a custom paint job!
Craig took the bike apart, prepped all the pieces and I did my magic with the airbrush. Craig then re-cleared
and buffed it all out. So if your bike has good paint, but NO artwork or graphics, rest assured,
we can trick it out for you for a very reasonable price! Total cost on this bike: Less than $4k!

Here we had a Black Honda VTX, and the customer wanted to personalize it
with a Green Bay Packers theme. So we scuffed the existing clearcoat, which had no blemishes or repairs needed,
added Real Fire in TOXIC GREEN, and Green Bay Artwork. A nice tribute to his favorite team!

Here we had a Black Bike, and the customer wanted to personalize it
with a Knights' Templar theme. So we scuffed the existing clearcoat,
adding artwork and re-cleared it all! Easy-Peasy!

Again, a Stock Black Bike where the customer wanted to add Skulls and Real Fire.
We took all the parts off the bike, prepped them for artwork, did up the Real Fire
with Skulls and logos, and re-cleared it all! $3500 for everything!

Chad at CR Designs had a client's bike with Stock Harley-Davidson pearl grey base.
He prepped it all out, and we added a Tribute to the Military Theme
to the whole bike. A nice Salute to the troops and Veterans out there!

Rob from California had a dent that had to be fixed in his Tank.
What better time to take the original Silver paint and add a P51 WWII Fighter Theme!
With his wife as a model of a Pinup, this bike was shipped to me, completed
and cleared and sent back with a 3 week turnaround time!
Round trip shipping/handling AND the cost of the paint job: Less than $1850!

John had a nice Suzuki and the base color was fine. He just wanted artwork. No Problem!
We took the parts, prepped them out, laid some Black Ice Base down, added a
Celtic Theme with Green Real Fire, and recleared it.
Taking the bike apart, doing the artwork, re-clearing it and putting it back together for less than
$2000 is a bargain! Quick turn-around time too! 2 weeks!

Here's a Honda Shadow all done up with a Deep Pearl Graphic and Slash Pinstriping on a Black Base.
Heath Ledger as the "JOKER" from Batman, the Dark Knight. This is on a Honda Shadow,
so Metric Riders, SURE! I can paint up YOUR Rides as well!

This Bike was done by John Shope at Sinister Industries for Mark Mulder, a pitcher with the
2006 St. Louis Cardinals. This bike is a tribute to the World Series Winning Team and
has many unique features. The front downtube is a baseball bat. The Wheels have baseball
bats. The oil bag is molded like an actual baseball, complete with raised laces! Together
with the artwork, this bike is really a nice tribute to the 2006 team and the World Series.

Another Theme Bike from Ssinister Choppers. This copper bike is really cool. John Shope, the
builder and owner of Ssinister Choppers named this bike a Bad Penny. So naturally, a pinup girl
came to mind with the aura of the roaring 20's. A gangster chick flipping a coin complete with
Thompson Sub-Machine gun on either side of the tank completes the look.

This is not a big tank. In fact, the penny is only 4" across. Lotta detail in that small space!

Here's a nice Road King with Traditional, "Hot Rod" flames, with Real Fire. Gansta' Skull
Chompin' a Cigar, Pinstripes and nice Side Covers and Bags complete this bike.

Another Factory Paint job on a Street Glide. Plain old Black. Well, this former Marine
wanted Dragons and Action on his bike. All Artwork is out of my head save for the Right
Bag Lid, which is modified from an existing painting the customer liked. This bike you
can see coming from miles away! There's usually a crowd around it whenever he goes out.

Glenn built this bike himself with a War Eagle Frame. This is one awesome looking ride
and really turns heads. Casey did the body work, paint and clear, while I handled all
the artwork and airbrushing. HOK Base of Sunset Pearl graced with my Skull work and Real Fire.

How about a "COACH" bike to go along with your "Coach Purse"??? This Ladies' Big Dog was
tricked out by Ssinister Choppers. The seat is custom and matches her purse complete with straps!
I re-created the Coach Pattern and did the "C's" in dark charcoal, over a medium silver base.
Hot Rod style flames were added over the design in silver, but transparent enough to allow
the design to show through the color. Way to Accessorise! You Go Girl!

Here's a Heritage Classic with Spokes, White Walls, and a Vegas Theme. Lots of Chrome
and being lowered, the bike has a classic look with Dice, Cards, and Flames, all over a Deep Kandy Apple Red!

Ben in New Mexico lost his 19 year old son and wanted to have a tribute to his memory on his Titan Motorcycle.
The rear fender has a cross and banner with "BJ" on it, and an angelic light behind it. The same design carries
on the tanks with a portrait of BJ on one tank, and his surviving daughter on the other. A very warm tribute to
his children on this beautiful bike. I was all to happy to been able to do this job for Ben.

This Street Glide has a silver base coat with Black artwork through out. Grim Reapers,
Skulls, Harley Logos. This is one bad ass ride now! This job was through CR Designs, Phoenix.

Iron Maiden Tribute Bike. Click on the pics to see more!

I did this Bike back in NY before I moved to Phoenix. It's a tribute to the Fire Fighters and Police
who lost their lives at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11. I did the bike up like a Fire Engine with
faux Diamond Plate, Real 24kt Gold Leafing, Pinstriping, and Real Fire. Click on pics to view more.

How about a Wall Street Bike for a VP at Merryl Lynch? This Bike has BULL and BEAR
markets represented along with the "Evil Banker". Stocks are Up, Stocks are Down.
BUY BUY BUY or SELL SELL SELL! This bike shows the power of Money!
This bike was done through Vivid Dragon located here in Phoenix.

Here's an example of GREEN Real Fire, TOXIC Flames. Complete with Skulls!
The artwork for this was done for CR Designs, Phoenix

Here we have Razor Tribals with a nice Two-tone paint job. Black Bottom, Kandy Tangerine
top with Willie G and HD Logos in Black through-out. This was done for Vivid Dragon.

If WWII is your interest, How about Fighter/Bomber themes? I love WWII aviation, what with
the pinups, bullet holes, Mission Bombs. This set can also be done on a Silver Base. This
particular job was done with Vivid Dragon.

This bike was Fabricated by John Shope at Sinister Industries, Scottsdale, AZ. This bike was done
up during the CMT Channels, 2008 Chopper Challenge where 9 builders across the southwest
competed for the top honor. John, happy to say, took 1st place! My buddy Craig and I both lent
our skills to painting up the bike as a tribute to the Rock Band SEETHER and we're happy to
have been a part of the show.

Here's another bike we did that had original, "boring" paint. Simply prep the factory paint,
add airbrushing, clear, cut and buff for a totally new look!

The Tank had an HD Sticker on it which we removed. Then we rebased it in Black, and added artwork.
The fenders had Blue and Grey factory pinstiping on them, so we taped off the stripes, and added
artwork and Blue "Natural Gas" Flames within the stripes. Reclear it, cut and buff and you have
a totally new Custom Look for your factory paint for around $1600! Who can beat that?

Okay, okay! NOT all my stuff has to be all evil skulls and fire! LOL. Here we have a nice little
scooter for a nice Lady of Japanese descent, who wanted the Hello Kitty Logo to grace her
ride, along with the Flag and some Kanji on the Handlebar Shroud. So see? Anything can be done!

Okay, back to EVIL!!! LOL. Here are some pics of the Grim Reaper in a more 'glowing' way. This
customer wanted a more angelic reaper with the black and white theme. So that's what they got!
Also added was a passage from the Bible of their choosing. I can create ANYTHING you want!
This job was also done with Vivid Dragon, and parts are NOT cleared yet.