Everybody LOVES pinups. Who wouldn't love sexy, voluptious women?
Some of this are small, like on tanks and fenders. Some are panels. Just
remember, the smaller the illustration, the more difficult to pull off.
Typically, I charge $150 for a pinup painting like on the top of a tank,
Or on the sail panel of a car. That does not include clear or prep!
Typically, I travel to the body shop doing the project for that, and
they handle the prep and clear.

This latest panel is on a piece of 15" x 40" steel scrap I had cut off from another job.
So I did a tall scene of Catwoman, pole dancing with a No Standing Sign, alley cats, Police Blimp,
and searchlights. Turned out nice but still needs a final "clear coat" to really make it pop.

Another Panel on Steel. This fits inside the rear deck lid of a Bucket T that is all painted up
with a Fire Engine Theme. Customer didn't want anything to "Adult" in nature, but wanted a
"hot chick"! I think this fits the bill nicely!

This is a panel I did with a Fantasy Chick, holding her trophies. A nice beveled tribal graphic with realfire reflecting off
of everything completes the scene. I'd say she's HOT! This panel is 18" x 24" finished with Automotive clear.

This Cutlass will be a true "Hip Hop" style ride when William at Voodoo Fabrication
gets done with it! Pinup Devil Chicks on the sail panels and a Little Street Devil,
complete with .45 under his arm. Can't wait to see this ride cut and buffed out!
The "girls" are about 10" high. Not real big, but a nice size. Devil Child is on the trunk!

WWII Style Bomber Art. Some are repeats of actual Bomber or Pinup Art
from the 1940's. Some of it is actually my own. Either way, it's classic pinups!

This portrait is NOT a pinup, but a tribute to a customers brother who lost his life
in Phoenix a few years ago. This was painted on the trunk of her car, along with
some lettering that was in tribute to him.


This is a small portrait of a girl on the top
of a tank that was already flamed and
pinstriped. You can get an idea of the
small size I had to deal with. Again, it
ain't easy doing such small detail work!







This is a panel, 18" x 24". Tribal Blades, pinstripes, Hot chick.
A butterfly has landed on her Flower Tattoo. This panel has
not been cleared. Sometimes it's just impossible to take a
decent photograph against the shine of clear.

Click on the LINK to see some of my more "artistic efforts!"