Butler Amusements decided to repaint one of their "dark rides" with a Nightmare Theme!
All the scary nightmare characters represented on a new paintjob. Airbrushed and Cleared by yours truly!

Browns Amusements completely rebuilt their Raiders Ride with all new skin, new LEDs, and
New Hardware. After his guys sanded down the new alumicore panels, I airbrushed it all up with
Our Favorite Archeology Professor! Then I applied 3 coats of UV, 2:1 High Solids clear
to make it last a long time! Turned out awesome and again, it's like a BRAND NEW Ride!

Butler Amusements purchased an older JUMBO ride and it was in need of repair and fresh paint.
After fixing the Elephant back end, sanding and prepping all the secondary characters like
Birds and Flowers, everything was then primed and repainted with fresh colors, and cleared.
Looks like a brand new ride and ready to hit the circuit!

Golden Wheel Amusements had an older Tip Top ride with spinning cup gondolas. They wanted a
Tea Party theme with Alice and Characters. The crew sanded and based the background and then
painted the Gondolas. I airbrushed all the skirting up, (there's a LOT of panels!) and the backdrop.
Then hand painted The Gondolas with fancy piping and curly Q's to look like Tea Cups!

This is a Spinning Ride called "Dizzy Dragons!" After years of use, the color
and clear coat required repainting! Turned out nice and this was done on site.
There are other tubs that are used for the same style ride. These are a few!
Some shown are cleared already. Some in the process of fixing up.

This is another Spinning Ride called "Care Bears!"

Here we have the Heads off of a Pharoahs Ride, which needed to be sanded down and repainted.
They turned out great!"

Here we have a nice kiddie ride, Wally the Whale!"

This is an older Aladdin Ride and needed a total facelift! Tony Boulos did the rebuild
with new steel, sandblasted superstructure and repaint, new diamond plate decks,
gondolas refitted with seats and belts and trim. New LED lighting! I handled all
the new paintwork and airbrush art, clearcoat. Looks like a NEW Ride!

This is a "Flying Bobs" ride for Golden Wheel Amusements up in Alaska. Typically, winter scenes, but they decided
to go with a Science Fiction, STEAMPUNK theme! Very Colorful and really unique. This ride was a total Rebuild!
They Flew me up there, provided a place to stay and all materials. I just packed my airbrushes and guns!

This is a Kid's Funhouse, and what better theme to go with than Dinosaurs! All kids LOVE Dinosaurs!
I traveled to Golden Wheels Winter Quarters where they had set it up inside their workshop,
and had prepped it all out in white basecoat, and sanded it.
I then painted up the backgrounds and airbrushed up all the dinosaur action and cleared it all.

Frazier Amusements did a total rebuild on their "Dragon Wagon" with new upholstery, and new paint.
They Dropped the Gondolas off at my shop, sanded down. I did a bit of Body work, then primed, painted, airbrushed and cleared it all.

I can also do the fronts for Games as well as rides. Instead of a Wrap, Danny Brown wanted PAINT!
The old vinyl wrap looked like crap, was pealing off, and just had no "Life" to it. He's much happier with my paint!

This is one of the first Carnival Gigs I ever painted. IT just needed a fresh coat of paint and clear from years of
abuse in the SUN! I also took the time to fix the left side with Ship. Gave it WAY more depth and character.

Kiddie Ride, Sky Fighters! Went with a WWII Theme here.
What previous Airbrush Artist did with Planes that had guns on them was comical at best!
These are WAY more cooler now! Fits the bill of what they ARE!

Another RAIDERS ride, for Butler Amusements. This one is all
done up like a firehouse theme. Firemen fighting a fire!
Plus a nice tribute to the father of Butler Amusements in a Firehouse Badge

Amazing Jakes in Mesa needed a Carousel Ride completely repainted, along with
their Teacup Ride, and Frog Hopper. I was only to happy to help! All came out
really well, and the staff and management were very happy with my results!

Golden Wheel Amusements out of Alaska recently rebuilt their "Gravitron" carnival ride,
complete with a totally rebuilt/redesigned front fašade. LED lights line the
perimeter and they added a nice BIG front wall to really stand out on the Midway.
New Aluminum skin with a baked on enamel finish, sanded down, ready for me to do artwork,
and then final clear. Also a New round skirt that surrounds the Gondola and stairs,
complete with a ballistic missile and Birthday wishes for a "Certain Someone!"

I've been doing more and more Carousel Horse Repaints. Frazier Amusements, Jake's Unlimited,
and The Scottsdale Fairmont Princess all represented here. Some are plastic bodies, some fiberglass,
some even aluminum! All required varying degrees of repair.
All the Customers VERY happy with my prices and results!
I'm even thinking of painting and offering For Sale, SINGLE Horses for the Merry Go Round enthusiasts,
who want to add a unique decoration to their home.

Sean at Butler Amusements wanted to freshen up his 1001 Nights Ride. This ride was really outdated,
and just plain old and worn out looking! Rather than just copy Walt D, I came up with new artwork
and after his guys sanded and buzzed down the old paint, I applied an epoxy primer and white basecoat.
Then applied new artwork and just kept to the same storyline. Kept it fun looking and not scary.
It's a Family ride, after all!

Sean's Guys prepping out the old surface. You can see how primitive the artwork was and how outdated it was.
Not a lot of detail or pa-zazz! Now, it's really bright and colorful and has a ton of animation to it!
Sean loves my pricing and you will too! I give estimates before every job!

Bobby J in Yuma, AZ did a complete rebuild on his Tommy Kangaroo ride.
The Gondolas were in need of a complete re-do which he did with new fiberglass,
and body repairs. He and his guy did all the prep, then Camille and I did the priming, basing color, airbrush art
and clear coat. Spent a week on site in Yuma doing this up.
Yes, I can travel TO where you are and do your carnival ride!


I've been doing a few carnival rides lately. Start to finish, sanding down, Priming, Basing and artwork.
I do up the final clear-coats! There are definitely cheaper artists out there, but if you're going to re-do a ride, do it up NICE!
Danny Brown had me do up the front of this Walk-Through House with Walking Dead Cartoon Characters.
Even Got Sheriff Joe being attacked by Pink-Uniform wearing Inmates!

Here we had a kiddie ride with different characters in need of a re-paint.
My wife and I sand down the gondolas, prime and fix areas, and then, repaint and airbrush.
Give it a few coats of clear, and it looks like a brand new ride!

Another Carnival Ride...A MIRROR Funhouse with 18 year old paint,
Hand-Painted with One-Shot Lettering Enamels. VERY outdated, faded, and just not nice.
Bob and Crew at SW Sandblasting and Painting took care of buzzing down the existing paint,
Priming it all and putting down a new coat of white. Then, I come along and scuff the white,
and lay down new airbrushed artwork with the same Mardi Gras theme.
Finally, 3 coats of clear coat to protect it all.

Another Carnival Ride from Rose...She bought this BRAND NEW, and the company offered to put a
WRAP on the backstop. I was able to travel to California, paint the background up with Original Artwork,
Clear it, and charge HALF what they wanted for a lousy wrap!
Sometimes, old school is the best and really adds character to something, rather than
someone cutting and pasting images off the internet, printing it on vinyl and slapping it on a surface.

Another Butler Amusements Ride. This funhouse had a PANDORA paintjob, and the owners wanted to go with ZOMBIES!
NICE! Bob re-did the ride with a fresh coat of black base-color, and I came in and did up a story involving
ZOMBIES taking over the carnival! Some carnival workers have turned, and a worker is on the landing trying
to show the Mom and her kids a way to escape! BUT oh no! Zombies line the tunnel! This whole ride reads left to right,
starting with a school bus with cheerleaders fighting off the football team who've turned into zombies. A fortune teller
seeing ZOMBIES in your future! A graveyard and then the whole carnival scene. On the bottom,
zombies are trying to figure out games like Balloon Darts, Basket Toss, and The Goldfish Bowl Ping Pong Ball-toss!
Another job where the owners were blown away!

This is a kiddie Boat Ride with everyone's favorite Fish Story! Again, Bob Thompson's crew fixed and repaired all the boats,
and the troughs that hold the water. He base coated them with a nice blue, I added artwork, and then the whole ride got cleared.
Kurt at Butler Amusements was very happy again with my efforts!


This is a BUTLER AMUSEMENTS funhouse that they had someone else do the artwork on. They got a great price,
but were NOT happy with the quality, and because of time and money, asked if I could Re-Do the entire middle of the
ride, which I did. Again, a cheaper price doesn't mean you're going to be happy! They paid extra to have me do the
center all over again, but were very happy with my efforts.

This UFO ride was, again, painted by SOME OTHER artist, and the owner was NOT happy with the results.
So after paying the other artist for a crappy job, the entire ride had to be BLACKED OUT again, and then I came in
and re-did all the artwork. I did it for HALF my original quote, but spent HALF the time on artwork, trying
to help them out financially. I would have LOVED to have spent more time like I originally quoted to really make
the spaceships pop, but again, I was just trying to help them out money-wise.


This Carnival Ride was completely rebuilt by Rose and her crew, along with Bob Thompson
at Southwest Sandblasting in Chandler. The ride was re-skinned with .040 Gauge Aluminum and then
scuffed for artwork. I airbrushed up a "Pirates" theme and my Buddy Craig then clear-coated
the whole thing. It was a RUSH JOB so that Rose could hit the Show Circuit Starting in
Delmar, CA. Bright and Fresh and Colorful, her ride has gotten RAVE reviews!
Glad to have been a part of the process!