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Custom Paint and Airbrush on Motorcycles, Vehicles and Off-Road Toys!
Harley Davidson Motorcycles a Specialty! Pinstriping, Old School Signs and Hand Lettering too!
Check out all the NEW Carnival Ride jobs, and remember, I can travel to do these jobs!
Bruce L. Rosier, Artist

I started out 40+ years ago as a Sign Painter in Western New York.
Recently I've moved from Phoenix, AZ to Outside Springfield, MO and offering Sign Painting Once again.
I can do vinyl as well, and will work to create whatever is best for you, at whatever your budget allows.
I can paint/letter Wood Signs, Trucks and Vans, Walls, Home and Farm, Business, You name it!

I have been airbrushing for over 30 years. I've been an artist all
my life. If you have anything you want painted, by an award-
winning artist, at a reasonable price, then give me a call!

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This is a bike I painted 18 years ago! All that riding over the years, road chips,
dings, just time really, called for a repaint! So I fixed it all, upgraded the
artwork, (I HAVE gotten better over the years! What can I say?) and shipped it back to the
customer who was THRILLED with the re-paint! I can fix YOUR bike too!

This Customer had a plain, Black Road Glide with NO pinstripes or anything!
So he picked out a design, and added his tribute to time spent in the Service.
Army Airborne with RECON artwork on Front Fender, along with Rear Fender.
Then on the top of the Tour Pak, artwork from "Band of Brothers". Totally new ride!

This is a Fairing for a Sport Bike. Customer is a fan of mine...wanted
SOMETHING on his bike that I could do! So He requested a "Screaming DEMON"!

A Plain Black Street Glide, all customized by Don Clardy in Scottsdale with a Medieval Theme!
Frazetta type Fantasy artwork, with a couple specific requests
which included Latin Phrases throughout the bike's Artwork.
Together with the custom parts, and a very cool theme, customer was thrilled!

I have been airbrushing for over 30 years. I've been an artist all
my life. If you have anything you want painted, by an award-
winning artist, at a reasonable price, then give me a call!

Recently because of Government lockdowns, Social Distancing and the consequences of that, I have sold everything in Phoenix, AZ and moved to outside of Springfield, MO! Hopefully in the next few months, I can get the new place up and running. New shop, new plan, hopefully new customers! I may also return to my roots, and offer Sign Painting. Truck and van lettering, and other things along that line. I appreciate all I had in Arizona, and will miss everyone there. I hope all of us survive, and things return to a sense of normalcy, soon!

Because I am a sole proprietor, it's difficult for me to answer every phone call. Your best
bet is to email me first. I tend to go over emails better than returning phone calls. Chances
are, I'll just let the answering machine get it, and most people do NOT leave messages!
But an email I can keep and file away, and respond to quicker. Thanks for understanding.
Being as busy as I am, I can not answer every phone call as it comes in.

Phone: (417) 650-0375
I've been having web issues with my email account. If anyone has emailed me at Bruce@hotairbrush,
chances are, I did NOT get your email. Please resend to the above alternate address.
I apologize for this error! THANKS!

Please Feel Free to Browse my website to get an idea of what I can do for you. I can handle
your project from start to finish, or, if you yourself are a painter or own a paint shop, I can
do the artwork for you over your basecoat, and you can then clear the art and finish the job!
You can certainly pick a design that I've already done, or together, we can come up with a
unique look for your favorite ride or project!

Thanks for looking!